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A network of specialist translators delivering high-quality translations: economics, environment, politics, law, finance and the humanities.

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More about Scapha Translations – a Network of Specialist Translators

‘Scapha’ is the Greek word for ‘boat’. I see my network of translators as the boat which will carry your text safely over from one shore to the other – i.e., from one language into another.

I am a fully qualified German translator, and above all one with a passion for translating. For that reason, I prefer to carry out translations in my subject areas and into my mother tongue myself.

For translations in other subject areas and language combinations I work very closely with qualified translators and editors, many of whom have become personal friends. I know their strengths and areas of expertise, and I can guarantee the high quality of their work.

I personally check every text before I send it out to my clients. In this way, I can guarantee the accuracy of content, language and style.

In addition, I am available for my clients for direct personal consultation at any time. This means your calls will never be kept on hold and your e-mails will never lie unanswered in the wrong inbox.