Academic translations and business translations

Translations That Go Above and Beyond

Are you looking for a high-quality translation? Accurate, but also professional, hand-crafted and fluent?

We are not only good at languages – we can also write.

The texts we deliver to you will therefore be of only the highest quality: accurately translated, yet still easy to read.

You will see from our translations that we not only live up to this challenge – we love it, too.

Academic Translations and Scientific Translations


Scapha Translations offers translations in any combination of German, English and French.

Our ultimate goal is to produce accurate translations in a fluent style.

Proofreading of Academic Texts and Business Texts


Scapha Translations also offers professional proofreading of your texts.

We optimize the spelling, style and, if required, the structure of your business, academic and scientific texts.

Our Core Areas

Translation of Academic and Business Texts

Academic Translation

We have extensive experience of academic work and of the stylistic conventions governing citations and formats in academic texts. Our academic translations are written in a clear, concise and objective style.

Business Translation

Whether you need the translation of an external publication or an internal memo, a contract or a letter – you can be sure that we’ll always strike the right tone.

Our Languages

We specialize in three languages:

German | French | English

Our Specialist Areas

Translations in Economics


Our customers include research institutes and businesses, for whom we translate both economic science texts and internal and external communications.

Translations environment, climate, energy

Environment and Climate

We regularly translate press releases, reports and presentations on topics such as climate change, the energy transition and environmental protection.

Translation of Political Texts


Whether we are dealing with political analyses, essays on political science or newspaper articles – we skilfully combine political expertise with good style.

Legal Translations


Whether we are dealing with contracts, general terms and conditions of business or experts’ reports – we provide accurate translations of legal texts with correct legal terminology.

Financial Translations


If you’re looking for translators who aren’t afraid of numbers, you’ve come to the right place.

Translations in the Humanities


In the arts and humanities in particular, academic studies are also evaluated in terms of how they are formulated and structured. We lend a hand here with our concise, academic writing style.

Who We Are

Christiane Focking …

Traductrice allemande
  • a state certified German translator
  • working in German, English and French
  • specializing in business, academic and scientific texts
  • single point of contact for all direct customers and translation agencies

… and her network of native translators

  • German, English and French native translators
  • specialists in their areas of expertise
  • talented writers

I’m an experienced state certified translator, and above all one with a passion for translating. That’s why I translate only into my German mother tongue.

For all other language pairs in German, French and English, I work with highly qualified native speakers.

The result: you would never guess that the texts we have translated were originally written in another language.

What Clients Say about Scapha Translations:

… the translation work has always been to the highest standards …

… customer-oriented, uncomplicated and friendly manner …

… very well written and highly readable …

… work very quickly and smoothly …