Translations in the Humanities

Translation in the Humanities

Hire an expert translator for your text in the humanities: academic writing style, rigorous research, careful formulation.

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Translation in the Humanities

Is your arts or humanities-based text rigorously researched and carefully formulated? And do you want it to remain so in translation?

Then my translation service is the right one for you. Myself, as a passionate translator, and my native-speaker colleagues have a background in arts and humanities. We know the demands placed on texts in this field.

Every Word Must Be Just Right

In the arts and humanities a lot depends on whether the translation is perfectly formulated. In this field in particular, academic studies are also evaluated in terms of how they are written and structured. We provide for this with our professional, academic writing style.

Experience in the Humanities

We all have extensive experience of academic work and of the stylistic conventions governing citations and formats in academic texts. Our academic translations are written in a clear, concise and objective style.

High-Quality Arts and Humanities Translations

Your arts or humanities-based text will always be translated by a native speaker: I myself usually undertake the translations into German; for translations into English and French I bring in experienced colleagues.

Once the text has been translated, a proofreader checks it for content, language and style. You will receive a translation that is accurate in terms of content and language and sounds fluent and natural.