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Academic Translations

Missing the right words in English, French, German? Scapha Translations offers scientific and academic translations by expert native speakers.

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Translation of Academic Texts

Do you apply your exacting academic standards to the translation of your texts, too? If so, then we are the right agency for you – my colleagues and I will translate your academic texts in line with best practice.

Native Speakers

As a passionate translator, I of course translate only into my German mother tongue. For other language pairs, I work with experienced, academic colleagues whose native language is English or French. Our academic translations therefore always sound entirely natural in the target language.

Scholarly Method

We all have extensive experience of academic work and of the stylistic conventions governing citations and formats in academic texts. Our academic translations are written in a clear, concise and objective style.

Specializing in Academic Translations

My translation agency specializes in academic translations in the following areas of expertise: economics, politics, humanities, environment, law and finance.

Your Point of Contact

I am available for my clients for direct personal consultation at any time. Your calls will never be kept on hold and your e-mails will never lie unanswered in the wrong inbox. We can discuss terminology and other requirements directly.