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Language Pairs

Together with my network of qualified native translators, I specialize in English, French and German translations.

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I am passionate about translating. That’s why I translate only into my mother tongue, German. For translations into English and French, I engage highly qualified native speakers.

Translations from English to German

  • For translations from English into German, I myself usually undertake the work – especially in the fields of science and economics.
  • As a native German translator, I deliver perfectly formulated texts.
  • All my English-to-German translations are proofread by experienced colleagues – because two sets of eyes are always better than one!

Translations from French to German

  • Translations from French into German are my favourite assignments, so I usually undertake these myself.
  • Of course, all my translations from French into German are proofread by colleagues.

Translations from German to English

  • German-to-English translations are undertaken by qualified translators who are native speakers of English.
  • For translations from German into English, customers can choose between British or American English for the final text.
  • The English translations are of course proofread meticulously.

Translations from German to French

  • I assign German-to-French translations to French native speakers.
  • I usually proofread translations from German into French myself. This combination of a native speaker translator and a proofreader with the respective other native language is perfect.

Translations from French to English

  • I entrust French-to-English translations to English native speakers.
  • French and English are my working languages – these are the languages I am most proficient in. I am therefore also your contact person for queries relating to translations from French into English.

Translations from English to French

  • I assign English-to-French translations to qualified French colleagues.
  • I am also pleased to be your contact person for queries relating to translations from English into French. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.