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Curious what clients say about Scapha Translations? Testimonials for translation and proofreading of academic and business texts.

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What Clients Say about Scapha Translations

A customer I provide with academic translations:

Scapha Translations has always been very efficient and helpful, and has been flexible in fitting around our deadlines. The quality of the translation work has always been to the highest standards and it’s great to know that we can rely on Scapha to deliver what we need.

Dr David Hemming, Commissioning Editor, CAB Reviews

A customer I provide with business translation and proofreading services:

Ms Focking has worked with us for a number of years as a reliable partner, translating press releases and brochures by our French parent company into the German language. Her translations from English and French are executed purposefully and smoothly. Ms Focking undertakes projects for us quickly and competently, and her customer-oriented, uncomplicated and friendly manner make her a pleasure to work with.

Suska Georg, Public Relations Officer, Sodexo

A customer I provide with translations from French into German and English:

Scapha Translations has undertaken high-quality translations into English and German for AURES as part of a collaboration for several years now. As a qualified translator myself (ISIT), I have particularly high expectations of translations and of adaptations from one language into another – sometimes I can even be quite pedantic. Christiane Focking and her team also work very quickly and smoothly, which is a major plus point in comparison with many other agencies we have tried out.

Yannick-Florence Waelly, Communications & PR Manager, AURES

A client for whom I translate environmental texts:

I am just reading your extensive translation, and I feel I really must compliment you: the text is very well written and highly readable. Many thanks!

Thomas Köberich, WWF