Legal Translations

Legal Translations

It’s all about accuracy. Hire an expert translator for legal texts: contracts, reports, terms and conditions.

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Legal Translations – It’s All About Accuracy

When it comes to translating contracts and other legal texts, our ultimate goal is accuracy. Here, we take none of the liberties we might take with other texts.

Specialists in Legal Texts

My translation colleagues and I are very familiar with the terminology of legal texts. As specialists, we are able to correctly disentangle and translate even the most convoluted sentences – and to put them back together within the specific structures of the target language.

Types of Legal Texts

Whether we are dealing with contracts, general terms and conditions of business or experts’ reports – we provide accurate translations of legal texts with correct legal terminology.

Quality Through Native-Speaker Translators

I am a passionate translator with a wealth of experience in translating legal texts into German, my native language. For translations into English and French, I bring in highly qualified native-speaker colleagues.

It’s Best to Make Doubly Sure

This not only applies to contracts, but also to translations. That is why every translation is thoroughly checked by a proofreader before leaving my translation agency.