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Translation of Economics Texts

Are you an expert in economics? Looking for an expert translator? Scapha Translations offers high-quality translation of economics texts.

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Translation of Economics Texts

Economics is about connections: about interactions between people, about commodity flow, about the exchange of resources. Only those who understand these connections can produce good economics texts – and good translations.

My degree and my many years of experience have helped me acquire this very perspective. I am a certified translator specializing in economics, and I offer high-quality translations of economics texts.

Accumulated Expertise in the Translation of Economics Texts

Since, as a professional translator, I translate exclusively into my native language (German), I bring in colleagues with English or French as their native language for projects involving other language pairs. Like myself, they too have completed a degree in economic science.

No Two Economics Texts Are the Same

The economics texts we translate have very different formats and purposes: economic science texts investigate and explain; internal company communications inform; external company communications advertise and present.

In each case we formulate economics texts in such a way that they specifically address the target group: we ensure academic and scientific texts are accurate and factual, company communications intelligible and informative, and advertising texts fluent and persuasive.

Quality Translations of Economics Texts

Every text provided by my translation service is checked and optimized by a proofreader. This applies to economics texts as well as to texts in my other specialist areas. In addition, you are welcome to contact me in person if you have any queries.