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Your text deserves a high-quality translation? Let the experts from Scapha Translations take over! Science, academia, business.

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Translation in German, English and French

Your text deserves a high-quality translation? Let the experts for business, scientific and academic texts take over!

Together with my network of translators, I specialize in English, French and German translations, so I can navigate you safely through these three languages.

Only by Native Speakers

I am passionate about translating. That’s why I translate only into my mother tongue, German. For translations into English and French, I engage highly qualified native speakers. This, allied with our writing skills, is what ensures that our translations are idiomatic and fluent.

Double-Checked Translations

My translations are carried out by human beings, and human beings make mistakes. That’s why I apply a strict rule to all of my work – the ‘Four Eyes’ principle. Every translation is carefully double-checked by an editor. The editor not only carefully examines the language for accuracy and grammatical correctness but also gives it a final stylistic polish.

Specialized Translators

My colleagues and I are all experts in our own specialist areas. This is how we ensure that what is translated is not just words but meanings. We break free from the structures and words of the original language in order to create a text which contains the original meanings transported in a new vehicle – that of the chosen target language.

We specialize in academic and business translations.

Academic texts include publications of all kinds (articles, essays, papers, theses at undergraduate, Masters and doctoral levels) as well as reviews, reports and applications.

As regards business texts, my translation agency handles correspondence, financial reports, internal memoranda, press releases and contracts. It goes without saying that complete confidentiality is assured.

Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include

  • Economics (forecasts, reports, academic papers)
  • Politics (statements, reports, academic papers)
  • Environment, climate and energy (climate change, water supply, energy)
  • Law (contracts, expert opinions or certifications, minutes, correspondence)
  • Finance (business reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts)
  • Humanities (education, linguistics, literary studies)

Language Pairs

Scapha Translations offers translations for the following language combinations:

  • French-German
  • English-German
  • German-French
  • English-French
  • French-English
  • German-English