Translation of Environmental, Climate Change and Energy Texts

Translation and Subject Experts

Are you an expert on the environmental, climate change and energy sector? And are you looking for a subject specialist to translate your text?

In that case, my translation service Scapha Translations is the right partner for you. I am a German translator with a soft spot for environmental issues. If the target language is German, therefore, I myself undertake the translation of specialist environmental texts. For translations into English and French, I bring in experienced native-speaker colleagues.

Experience in the Environmental, Climate Change and Energy Sector

When it comes to translating environmental texts, we offer more than mere fluency in our source and target languages. We are, in fact, very familiar with the specific vocabulary in the environmental sector.

Because of the rapid developments in this field, we always stay up-to-date with the subject matter and linguistic developments in our source and target languages.

It’s Best to Make Doubly Sure

I ensure every translation of environmental texts is checked by a proofreader. In this way, I can guarantee the accuracy of content, language and style.