Proofreading of Academic and Business Texts

Proofreading of academic, scientific and business texts

Editing in German, English and French

Get your academic or business text proofread by Scapha Translations. My colleagues and I are all expert native speakers. We offer thorough professional editing – in German, English and French.

Proofreading: Spelling, Grammar, Style

You need a perfect text? We correct spelling, grammar and style.

Scientific and Academic Proofreading

For many publishers, academic proofreading is a requirement. But also simply in your own interests, it is something you should never do without.

My colleagues and I are all expert native speakers who will provide the finishing touch to your text.

In addition we are all familiar with the academic literature in our subject areas – without however being too deeply immersed in your particular research field. That’s why we can correct your text through the eyes of an educated reader: precisely your target group.

Editing and proofreading of academic texts is of course especially important if you are writing in a foreign language. Even if you have a good command of the language in question: only a native speaker with editorial experience can ensure that your academic text doesn’t contain any strange-sounding formulations.

Proofreading of Business Texts

Proposals, presentations and correspondence – all business texts make a much more professional impression if they are composed in impeccable grammar and style.

The language of a professional document can mean the difference between success and failure.