Translation and Editing
of Academic, Scientific and Business Texts

The language specialists bid you ‘Welcome on board!’

Scapha Translations offers translation and editing for business, science and academia in German, English and French.

I’m an experienced state certified translator, and above all one with a passion for translating. That’s why I translate only in my specialist subject areas and into my mother tongue. For all other language pairs in German, French and English, I work with highly qualified native speakers. The result: you would never guess that the texts we have translated were originally created in another language.

My team also offers professional proofreading of your texts. Our editorial work enables you to navigate treacherous linguistic waters with ease and grace.

What’s more, my colleages and I are all experts in our own specialist areas. This is how we ensure that what is translated is not just words but meanings. The other pages of our website will tell you more about the subjects and types of texts we specialize in:

Specialist areas and types of texts for translation and proofreading:

  • Academia and science (publications, research protocols)
  • Economics and politics (forecasts, reports, academic papers)
  • Environmental policy and technology (climate change, water supply, energy)
  • Humanities (education, linguistics, literary studies)
  • Biology and Medicine (publications, research protocols)
  • Advertising and marketing (advertisements, press releases, product descriptions, price lists, presentations)
  • Business correspondence
  • Finance (business reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts)
  • Legal documents (contracts, expert opinions or certifications, correspondence)

If you’re still not sure Scapha Translations is the right partner for your translation and proofreading needs, just send me an inquiry or take a look at my list of clients. I’d be happy to count you among them soon!