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Scapha Translations – translation and editing of academic, scientific and business texts


Scapha Translations provides high-quality translation services in German, English and French. We specialize in business, academic and scientific texts.


Scapha Translation also offers professional proofreading of your texts.

About Scapha Translations

Scientific translation

Christiane Focking …

– state certified translator
– working in German, English and French
– specializing in business, academic and scientific texts

…  and her network

– German, English and French native speakers
– specialists in their areas of expertise
– talented writers

High-quality translations

Translation agency

Native translators

I’m an experienced state certified translator, and above all one with a passion for translating. That’s why I translate only in my specialist subject areas and into my mother tongue. For all other language pairs in German, French and English, I work with highly qualified native speakers. The result: you would never guess that the texts we have translated were originally created in another language.

Double-checked translations

My translations are carried out by human beings, and human beings make mistakes. That’s why I apply a strict rule to all of my work – the ‘Four Eyes’ rule. Every translation is carefully double-checked by an editor. He will not only carefully examine the language for accuracy and grammatical correctness but also give it a final stylistic polish.

Specialist Areas

Business translation

Economics and politics

Environment, Climate and Energy




Advertising and marketing