Text Types for Translation and Proofreading

Text Types for Translation and Proofreading

Give your Text a Special Treatment!

My colleagues and I translate and edit many different types of text.

We will re-conceptualise your academic text in a different language, unleash our creativity on your advertising copy, bewitch with marketing texts and influence people with your business correspondence.

We always strike the right tone

Correspondence is given a tone which is business-like but friendly and reflects the cultural norms of the target country.

Academic texts strike a measured and factual tone while being easy to read.

Advertising copy presents your product or service in just the light you want it to be seen in.

Press releases distil the essential message and make the reader curious to know more.

Contracts are translated into precise language as close as possible to the original.

High-Quality Translations

Every text we edit or translate is handled according to my strict ‘Four Eyes’ rule: the accuracy of the content is established, the language is fine-tuned and then polished. Each stage of the process is double-checked to ensure that it is suited to the type of text in question.